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Our Offerings

14 Days
Personal Health Experiment


We simplify the science, so people understand how their body reacts to their lifestyle

Experiment and Learn

People experiment with options and learn what they can do long term

Personal Roadmap

Our health coaches help people prepare their personal roadmap for future action

Day 1 : Lifestyle Health Assessment Screening and Consultation

Session with health coaches at our premises (90 Min)

Heath Screening
  • Body Composition: BMI, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Level
  • Blood Works: Diabetic profile, Lipid profile, Liver profile
  • Vitals
  • Cognition & Physical Assessment: Strength, Dexterity, Balance
  • The science: How lifestyle impacts your metabolism and inflammation
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation

Day 2 – 13 : Guided Personal Discovery Experience

What is working for me

  • Digitally empowered by ReMission App
  • Continuous access and supervision to our health coaches via Chat

Day 14 : Debrief with Health Coaches and Future Action Plan

  • Discussion of options and joint preparation of an action guideline

90 Days
Health Transformation Plan


Our health coaches jointly prepare a personalised action plan with individuals and help them achieve their short term health goals.


On demand access to health coaches, supporting community and digital tools help people sustain their newly formed healthy habits

Day 1 – 14 : ReDiscover Experience

Day 15 – 44 : Start of Transformation Journey

  • Follow personalised plan one step at a time
  • Access to online resources and digital tools to keep track of progress
  • Access to coaches online to seek clarifications
  • Access to online community
  • Access to personal health analytics

Day 45 : Face to Face Consultation with Health Coach (30 Mins)

  • Review of progress, journaled data
  • Discussion on areas of improvement, new approaches

Day 46 - 89 : Course Correction

  • Follow revised plan
  • Get 3 video conference consultations with health coaches (30 Min each)
  • Access to online resources, community

Day 90 : Closing Debrief

With Health Coaches at Our Premises (30 Min)

  • Screening – Body composition, blood work, vitals at end of program
  • Counselling – Experience sharing and debrief

Your Digital Health Partner

Monthly Subscription to ReMission App

Commit to your health

Get access to professional health coaches, online resources and a supporting community to keep motivated and engaged

Professional support

  • One monthly scheduled video conference session with a health coach
  • On demand access to health coaches to ask questions

Online support

  • Journaling and progress tracking tools
  • Educational material
  • Peer community

Member privileges

  • Access to partner services at preferential rates

Health screening*

  • 2 health screenings per year

*Applicable for annual subscribers


ReThink Your Health

Join Dr. Steven Tucker for a Thought-Provoking Seminar

1 Hour Educational Seminar

Understand the Science of Blood Glucose and Inflammation

Learn how lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, activity and mood cause glucoses instability and inflammation in the body.

1 Hour Educational Talk

  • Understand the science of blood glucose and inflammation and how your lifestyle is impacting your health.


  • Dr. Steven Tucker MD(USA), FACP (USA), FAMS (Medical Oncology)
  • As a leader in precision medicine and patient empowerment, Dr Tucker believes that the majority of today's chronic problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease can be prevented or reversed through a holistic understanding of our lifestyle choices.

Optional On-site Lifestyle Health Screening - $10 Co-Pay

  • Lifestyle assessment interview and report
  • Evaluation of body composition– Body fat percentage, BMI
  • Evaluation of blood glucose levels